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i5 5200U laptop - fps drops in medium quality rwcorsing

Hi guys. I play League of Legends, and when I try to record in medium preset (720p 30fps 10mbs) the game just starts to drop fps until around 20. When I'm using the low setting, windows 10 game recorder or not recording at all I get around 100fps. Is it an issue with my laptop? Here are the specs: i5 5200u 8gb RAM 120gb SSD + 1 tb HDD (here is where i record to) Nvida 840m 2gb I need to have a laptop so I don have the option to build / buy a desktop. Besides playing I use my laptop to Photoshop and Lightroom and also some light video editing and never had any issues. Thanks in advance

Do you know if you are playing League of Legends with both Windows Game Recorder and running at the same time?

I've disabled windows DVR. I just use it manually using the game bar. I rather use because of the auto highlights feature. I've also tried OBS in the same laptop a few months ago and didn't get any issues after some configuration. I believe I was using h264 2500kbs in 720p 30fps. It's really odd since I only find this issue with

Is it the videos that are getting lag, or in-game FPS that is getting hit?

It sounds like in-game, but I just want to make sure.

In game fps.

Lag is just fine, around 55-60 as usual

Hmm okay. Would you mind making a support ticket with logs attached? It may help us discover what the issue is:

Post back here once it's been made so I can go looking for it.


Ok, so this is pretty weird. I did absolutelly nothing, and tried changing the recording settins to "Medium", and now i can't see any kind of noticeable drops...Has the client been updated recently and solved this issue???

We haven't updated the client for several weeks now. 

Ok, so i don't have any idea of what happened. I use the same software as before, and didnt make any hardware change

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