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Numerous UI issues with Plays TV

What is going on here?

Here is a video of me using the product - notice the UI freezes, non-responsiveness, crash, and terrible load time - per the video:

Steps taken before this was recorded:


-Repair install (update)

-Complete uninstall



-Adjust settings, add video folder

-Record this video



i7-7700k CPU

32GB DDR4 RAM (2666mhz)

GTX 1080 Ti

Samsung 960 Pro - Main drive

Samsung 850 Evo - Video storage drive

Thanks! I'll take a look at it when I get a chance!

Woops - yes I do, says "being processed" at the moment:  #60050

Hmm okay. Enterprise should be fine. We may have to take a look to see what might be causing this. Have you made a support ticket regarding this yet?

I have less than 10 games installed.

My video folder (running off a 3,500 mbps nvme drive) varies from 2gb-300gb.  However, this behavior is the same regardless of the size of the folder, as I clear it out regularly.

As far as Windows goes, yes.  It is Enterprise:


Can you let me know if you're using Windows 10 N?

Overall, I've never seen this type of issue where it takes this long to load. Usually it loads very quickly, or if it's a bug...then it may not load at all. It could be potentially determined by how many videos you have in the folder, or maybe even how many games you have installed. 

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