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Green screen

Hopefully someone can help me with this. I've also sent the logs but still haven't got any reply. For a few months now when my has finished recording the video turns out green. The audio is there just a green picture. I have only notice this problem with league of legends and minecraft. Any fix for this?

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Typically this has to do with multiple encoders trying to hook in, or some issues with drivers (specifically Intel). Have you made a support ticket about this issue already?

I have recently installed, and whenever i record games like CSGO, there is a green screen, with audio. I have made a ticket and havent got a response. and i have been looking do so long on how to fix it, but am still unsure on how to.

Hey DareDevil. I myself contected the support team and tbh they was little to no help had to wait weeks just for a reply. But i finally fixed mine by myself. Are you running two hdmis? If so make sure that your main hdmi is in the main graphics. This was the problem i was having i had my main graphics coming from my tv so i can play games on it but some how this effected aswel and this is how mine became green but moment i changed it over it started working again. Hopefully this fixes your problem
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