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Question/Suggestion on in-game mic recording? [AUDIO]

I play a lot of different games so my keybindings differ from game to game

Will there ever be an option to record in-game self chat instead of just a simple key binding? A lot of my recordings will have my friends talking both in-game and in 3rd party chat applications but unless I always use the set PTT record key, my voice will not record.

For example, I could set the PTT record to Caps Lock, which will record myself talking in Discord but if I spoke in-game using a different PTT key, audio will not be on the recording. I have tried using the same key for both 3rd party chat applications AND in-game but it just ends up doubling my voice, an "echo" I guess.

My suggestion: Either set up multiple key binds or somehow implement in-game mic recording.

I want to say that we're looking into back-end changes that would make that more plausible, but I'm unsure if that was a major goal for making those changes. However, I can try admitting it as a Feature Request if you'd like?

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Yeah if you could that would be great.

No problem. I have gone ahead and added it!

Feel free and let me know if you have any other ideas or feedback!

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