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play.Tv and its unreliability

i would like to say how absolutely unreliable your recording is!

every-time i have ever needed it, it has never recorded and in order for me to review to see if it is in fact recording i have to close the game thus defeating the purpose. 

so please do tell me why should i use something that never works?

I apologize that has not been working reliably for you. We find that issues like this can be narrowed down into:

  • Known Bugs on our end
  • Some interference on the User's End

If it never works for you, we should probably figure out why. First though, we should get the following information:
  1. Which games have you tried recording?
  2. What is your GPU/CPU?

Arma 3, player unknown battle grounds, Total war, and every game on my steam play list.

The game its self don't matter its gives you all the same results.

in order for it to will work would require me to restart my PC every time i want to play a new game to insure the recorder will work and that's not a 100% guarantee. After playing and trying to get some video you may still end up with nothing.

Radon RX 580 

Okay, so seems safe to say that it's every game. Typically you don't have to restart your PC after installing a new game, you may have to restart the client, but that would also highly depend. 

If you'd like, we can take a look for you and see if I can figure out what is happening. Here is how to send in client logs to us: LINK

Once you've made it, let me know so I can look for it.

No its not after a install its after starting any game IE. if i was playing PUBG and quite and started play Arma i would have to restart my PC for a example to insure it will work.

some days i can play all day and it will work, others i just have to just give up on it. 

Will share this here too, window 10 game mode interfered with auto recording, if you have win 10, it might be the reason.

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