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Automatic Recording stopped working after update

 Nothing changed with my configuration at all - everything is the same as it was yesterday. I have my Plays.TV application starting with windows, so I don't have to bother starting it exactly before I start a game. Today, it did not record a thing! I noticed, after the first game I had, that there was some kind of update - could that be the problem? Did I hit a recording limit or something? I have enough disk space, that should not be the problem.

The only recording limit would be either hitting the Auto-Manage Space limitation, or your HD limit. 

Although our client update happened last week, so it should have been on 1.26.0 yesterday as well. If you're still unable to figure it out, I recommend creating a support ticket with logs so we can investigate:

It started working on the very next day, still, the settings untouched. I suppose the restart of my machine fixed it, I would never know!

Dun dun dun! Could have been a hiccup with the update, and was able to finalize somehow with a reboot. Sorry about the inconvenience, but I'm glad it's working now!

Just wanted to share, auto record didn't work with me either, found out that game mode in window 10 is the reason, once i switched it off, auto record started working again.

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