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Lowered Viewed Videos in EXPLORE Section of the Desktop App

So, this is just something that's been kind of bothering me for some time now. Every time I'm using the App/Program(Recorder and Editor.....whatever you wanna call it), and I'm looking through the EXPLORE tab, all I see is the same videos over and over again. How are new videos supposed to get any views, if the tab that is used for seeing newly posted videos, is always littered with the same videos, with multiple thousands of views on them. I'm not trying to eliminate these videos completely, but I myself have posted several videos recently, and have maybe 20 views. No, I'm not some superstar big name player, however, if I take the time to clip something and post it, I feel that I deserve a chance for it to be seen. 

Thanks For Your Time,


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Thanks for the feedback!

The Explore Page on the App takes into account all videos on the site. So right now I'm seeing "Editor's Picks", "Popular Video", "Activity from your network" and then suggestions for who to follow based on who I'm currently following. 

Editor's Picks I believe are chosen from our staff.

Popular Video is based on Time of Upload and Views. So typically these are trending as they were uploaded fairly recently, and have a high amount of views.

Activity from your network is going to be similar to Recent Activity on the Playstv homepage. 

I believe what you might be looking for is on the website under Explore: Most Recent

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