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How to get to not recognize Eve Online?

I leave my Eve Online client up all the time, I have it installed in a non-standard location on my E: drive. It doesn't show up in the blacklist section of the client but the client still starts recording whenever I open Eve. This is a problem because I leave one account open 23/7 and I often have up to 8 accounts open. I don't want recording any of them. 

You can blacklist exes in the Playstv Preferences under 'Advanced'.

Oh I know, here's a screencap of my blacklisted game, eve's launcher is called exefile:

That doesn't stop from firing up everytime I start Eve. 

Steam or Non-Steam version?

Non steam version. 

Alright, thanks for letting us know. 

We're making some changes to the EVE Online detection, so that hopefully it should work with the blacklist correctly. 

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