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Can't insert bookmark on league of legend replay file

I had record a replay of a game I was in and I'm trying to make a clip. 

The insert bookmark button doesn't work at all, with a control+click or regular click. I've had this problem before and sometimes just spamming the button would eventually get it to insert a bookmark but not here.

There is a screenshot of me trying to do it, it's searching for game data (which it won't find since it is a replay), it won't insert the clip while searching or after it doesn't find it. 

Is it a clip of a Replay? That shouldn't really make a difference, but just wondering. 

Either way, can you try recreating the problem by trying to create a bookmark in the Editor? After you've tried that, can you send in client logs for us to look at? Here are instructions for how to do that: LINK

Yes, I started up a replay file and then recorded that. I eventually got it to let me make the clip I wanted to make by going in and out of my sessions and reloading this clip over and over until it finally let me insert a bookmark which is the method. This is the clip I ended up with:

I've closed my program since then because of the Eve Online issue I've brought up in that other thread, would you still like the log files? 

As long as was not uninstalled, the log files should still be good. If you did the problem you mentioned here recently, then even better.

This still isn't working. I've submitted logs. I've also made a video of me trying to make it work, maybe that will help you?

You can ignore the audio, I was watching League World Championship while I recorded. 

Just to add, I can't keep open because it always records my Eve Online client which is unsustainable as I keep many of them open all day. This is the only way I can highlight my league plays. 

I'm looking at the logs now. 

For the Eve Online issue, have you tried blacklisting it already?

Yep, I've blacklisted the executable, but that hasn't seemed to stop it. Unfortunately Eve uses a very generic name like "exefile.exe" and you can't actually see the file paths in the blacklist menu so I'm not sure if I'm hitting the right thing. 

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