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how to record HD 1080p videos?


I'm just wondering why my videos are in low quality. I have all the settings on highest, turned off optimalization and it still looks so ugly. How can i finaly start uploading videos in 720p or even 1080p? using same resolution screen-game.

The last video I see that you uploaded appears to be in 720p.

Outside of the recording settings, the resolution that it uploads in is also limited by the game's resolution. What resolution are you playing in?

1680x1050. This videos doesn't seems to be 720p lol, what is the differences between 720 and 720p?

And how to record in 1080p? :)

Well it's technically going to upload as a 1680x1050 video downscaled to 1152x720. The reason for this is because 1680x1050 does not reach the resolution of 1080, and so it downscales to the next highest (that being 720). So while you may have the recording set to 1080, it won't be able to achieve that unless the resolution you have set becomes higher.

Ohh, so what resolution should i use to upload videos in 1080p?

Is there any solutions to keep uploading videos in higest quality?

If you're able to record in 1920×1200, that should be able to upload in 1080.

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