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Highlights NOT my kills LoL

The client is certainly detecting and recording games, but at the end I had 5 kills and 11 assists. It showed 5 kill pins but they were all from our team's Garen. It had 0 highlights or pins for my plays.

That's very strange. Did it only happen in that one game?

Yes and no. While it does now seem to highlight (pin) my plays, when i look, the play happens anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes after the pin location. And now, after 4 games, it does not even record anymore, although it is still showing the popup in the top left corner. Also it tends to bugsplat VERY frequently.

Interesting. Well I know that we get information from the Riot API, so I'm wondering if it was having problems. I assume this started happening yesterday?

Yeah, well, yesterday was the first time I used it. It is still messing up on the pins for both kills and deaths. It is like 80-90% accurate though.

Interesting. We had a few reports of the same thing where pins were wrong/off-set from other users. If you haven't made a ticket already, I'd recommend it. Here is the instructions on how to make one with logs attached: LINK

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