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I cant login my account, it says the account is non-existing


Right now I'm logged in a different account to post this topic.

The problem is: I can't login in my main account, the system says it doesn't recognise the email adress and account name in their database. It says it not registrated in the system before.

Main account: Dude_Nukem91

But this account has been working for a long time before. I posted 10+ videos or so. 

I tried to retrieve my password settings, but it doesn't recognise my mail.

I would like to retrieve this account, hopefully this could be fixed.

I would like to hear from you! :-)


Hey there,

I went ahead and sent another password reset email for that account. If you don't receive within an hour or so, let me know. 

For privacy, if you don't get the password reset email, I may email you with further instruction personally. You can also reach out to us via Twitter DM or our Discord Channel.

I haven't recieved any reset password mails. Probably because its sent to an account I forgot the email adress from. I have like four gmail accoutns or email accounts, due to spam reasons. I can't remember all of them anymore.

What to do?

Well there are a couple options...

1. I can email you with the email address that is bound to the account

2. I can manually change the password and email you the new one

3. I can help you gain access to the account by changing it's password or email, etc.

Let me know how you'd like to proceed!

Thanks for your quick response! Can you tell me what adress its being used?

Are you okay with me posting it here in a public forum?

You know what, change the email adress to please. :D

Alright. Changed it and sent a password reset email. 

Let me know if you get it.

Awesome man! Thank you so much! It worked. :-)

No problem. Let me know if you need anything else!


I'm having the same problem. Right now I'm logged in on a different account to ask for help.

Main account: xShadowReaper

I would like to hear from you.

PLEASE HELP ME i have account named:TeukkaTerroristi and i forgot that password but when i press forget password i dont get any mail from playstv??? i have older messages from playstv on that email. my email is 

ps.i made this account so i can ask for help

@TeukkaTerroristi - I sent another password reset email request. If you don't receive it, let me know so we can go a further step. Thanks!

My account seems to have the same problem. I can log into my account on the website but the client says it does not recognize my login and I can not reset my password either. Hoping to get a fix soon.

I put a support ticket in, don't mean to gravedig this post. But I deactivated my account and from my understanding it's not deleted. The account name is "simpai" same as this but without the 1.


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