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Start/Stop Record works, Save a Highlight Clip does not work

I'm playing Path of Exile on Hardcore Server(When you die you die you can't respawn :D ). So when ever i get a good drop or a sketchy situation i would love to just clip last min,30 sec,15 sec or what ever, and this is the only program that can do that. But.. it wont work,and i don't know why, so i came here to find help.. :(

My PC specs:

OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit,

CPU: AMD FX 6300 3.5 GHz,

RAM: 12 GB DDR3,

Card: GTX 680,

SSD:256, HDD:500GB.

I run my windows ,Path of Exile and on SSD and i store clips on SSD. Path of Exile i run windowed fullscreen with resolution 1920x1036 . Again Start/Stop Record hot key works , Save a Highlight Clip does not(no mater what hotkey i choose). 

Please help me i need this so bad :), i can send any log file that you need.

Thank you for your time,

please help,

Kind regards,

StanchA :)

We shouldn't be having a widespread issue regarding Path of Exile right now, so I'd recommend try recreating the problem so it's fresh (i.e. Attempt to make a new recording) and then send us your client logs with these instructions: LINK

Make sure to post back here once you've sent it so I can look for the ticket! Thanks!

Hello, ty for replay. The problem was in low disc space on my SSD, i changed to HDD and now it works, ty anyway. Great program.

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards,


Glad to hear that it was something simple! :D

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