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*Feature Request* - Allow binding XBox 360 Controller Guide Button to record

Hello all.

I would like to request the following feature so please move this to the relevant place/forum.

Could you please allow us to set the Xbox 360 Controller guide button (middle button) as the key that will 'Save a highlight'. It's maybe better to just allow all controller buttons to be set in 'Preferences' that way players can have quick access to the record button when playing controller games.

This same function is available through the clunky Windows 10 Gamebar but as we all know is a better recorder.


P.S The work around hack I'm using is a program made by a user on Reddit that simply emulates a key press when the Guide Button is pressed, in my case the Guide Button now emulates F12 (my record button) and then records my Highlight.

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Thanks for the Feature Request! I know we're trying to make the hotkeys work even better, so hopefully we'll be able to add in something like that!

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