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Pixelated Videos

The raw version of the recorded files from are perfect and all but once they upload to my channel, they start getting a bit grainy/pixelated as the video progresses. 

If you check my channel my initial videos up to "mini14 kill" are ALL fine! I didn't switch any settings and it just seems like my recent videos tend to get grainy after the first 5 seconds of the video.

Please acknowledge that I'm in no way trying to advertise my channel, and that the only way to view my problems is to look at the videos and how differently processed they are despite the same settings. 

Hey VasH-

Something definitely seems odd.

Did you do anything different with videos affected with this?

  • Use a Video Editing Software?
  • Have a different program running in the background than usual?
  • Were you doing anything while the videos were uploading?

I uploaded all these directly from and only. 
I always have the same programs running in the background and I always multitasked while uploading the videos, so I'm not sure what changed !
I'm currently not home, so I'll try unchecking the "optimize for upload" option and see what happens if it was originally checked. 

When you get home, can you also send in client logs after uploading another video with the problem?

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Got it, thanks a lot for your help. I'll do that when I get home!

I've just gotten home and re-uploaded one of the "pixelated" videos after unchecking "optimize for upload".

Now it looks much better. Sorry for the bother and the inconvenience. 

No bother at all, I'm just glad you were able to get it resolved!

Thanks for letting me know!

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