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[Fortnite] Plays tv doesn't record full gameplay.

Hello. I've been using plays tv for a while now. Haven't got any issues with other games. But in Fortnite Battle Royale the client 90% of the time doesn't want to record my gameplay or cuts it after few first minutes. I tried reinstalling plays tv or adding  Fortnie to the game list few times but it didn't help. Is there any way to fix this so i can record the gameplay and get all the highlights? Please help.

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Is it just Battle Royale, or does it also have problems in the PvE version of the game?

Either way, I'd also recommend sending in client logs so we can take a look as to why it's happening.

How to Send in Client Logs

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I'm not really sure, because i don't have the PVE version. Just free2play one. And i have sent the logs already.

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