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"G Hotkey Already In Use!"

I use to record games of DOTA.  In DOTA, my team speak key has always been G.  When I first got Plays, I set the mic record button to also be G, which is great because it records what I want to be heard anyway.  

But now that no longer seems to work.  It's telling me that it is already in use, and I'm not sure if it is because it is already in use in DOTA, though that never seemed to be a problem before.  In fact it worked pretty well.

For whatever reason, this seems to contribute to a problem where my "G" key isn't recognized in DOTA at all.  Can't type it in chat or games. Weird, eh?

Record is set to auto, nothing fancy going on. 

Anyone familiar with this kind of issue popping up?

Check other Bindings in Playstv to see if they accidentally got changed to 'G' as well. For example:


Oh nice, right on! What if I just don't want a key for open mic toggle since I never plan to use it? Just create some bizarre key combo? Haha

Yeah, unfortunately! There has been a request put in to have a "Not Set" function when it comes to hotkeys. Unsure where that is at though. But yeah, place it as something you'd never use like.... Ctrl+Shift+*

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