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Error 1431

i keep getting this error that says the gameDVR reported an unexpected error (1431). i was wondering if anyone knows what it is and if there is a fix, only started happening after i updated to the newest version of the app

Error 1431 has to do with something preventing from properly hooking into the game. This could be anti-cheat software that doesn't recognize us, or even cases where another program hooks in and prevents us from hooking. Does it happen in all games, or just certain ones?

its happens in all games ive tried, sometimes it works but most of the time the error continues to show up. i started to use shadowplay or share by nvidia to record so i can just import videos into the app for now. i know shadowplay has a issues with the plays app but i didnt have it open at the time of trying to play the games. Thanks for letting me know.

Hmm...well we can take a look for you. I need to look deeper into the issue anyways. 

Have you created a support ticket with logs attached yet? 

Here is how to do it: LINK

Take a look inside your PlaysTV settings. The automatic recording might have turned off by itself.

I have  been getting this error for the last 3 days while trying to League of Legends. I have turning off the game bar and the Game DVR on my windows as I have seen in other posts in an attempt to resolve this, but neither has worked. Please advise. Plays is still working for other games, but not League.


Do you know if you're getting that error in the Beta App or the Legacy Client?

I am not sure. I have not actively changed to the Beta App, but if it was an automatic update then maybe. I  am using the same app I had been using for the past 6+  months.

If that's the case, then it's probably the Legacy client. We have noticed a recent uptrend of 1431 Errors for that client. We're going to take a look to see what we can find out.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing back.

I have the same issue, same error 1431 for league of legends only. Other games record ok automatically. 

So slight update, we think it might be related to the Discord In-game Overlay. For those affected, can you try disabling that and see if it makes any difference?

You can also let me know if you don't have it enabled and are still getting that error.

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This worked. I turned off the Discord overlay and did not see the error. I then turned it back on just to confirm and the error returned. Thank you for the assistance.

I disabled discord overlay and it worked thank you. I can now record again. Woot Woot


 Hello same problem here,

to solved it i quit Discord, so i can't use discord and plays in the same time ?

how get a old release of play ?

because i need discord and plays in the same time


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