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Error 1431

i keep getting this error that says the gameDVR reported an unexpected error (1431). i was wondering if anyone knows what it is and if there is a fix, only started happening after i updated to the newest version of the app

Error 1431 has to do with something preventing from properly hooking into the game. This could be anti-cheat software that doesn't recognize us, or even cases where another program hooks in and prevents us from hooking. Does it happen in all games, or just certain ones?

its happens in all games ive tried, sometimes it works but most of the time the error continues to show up. i started to use shadowplay or share by nvidia to record so i can just import videos into the app for now. i know shadowplay has a issues with the plays app but i didnt have it open at the time of trying to play the games. Thanks for letting me know.

Hmm...well we can take a look for you. I need to look deeper into the issue anyways. 

Have you created a support ticket with logs attached yet? 

Here is how to do it: LINK

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