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Bitrate wrong?


Im new to so I have a question. Whenever I record a Video or create a clip, the bitrate of the Clip is only 16k and NOT 50k as It should be because I set it in the option. I want to use NVIDIA Geforce Settings but I cant because the bitrate is only 16k... Also, the FPS is 58 and not 60 as It should be because I set it in the settings. 

What is the problem right now?


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Your ticket with the same question was answered recently, but I'll provide some insight here as well.

We use Variable Framerate and Bitrate for Recording. This allows the file size to be drastically reduced because it's only recording what it needs, based on recording everything. So depending on the game and what is happening in the video, it could majorly alter the total bitrate/framerate because of what is getting taken in. 

The settings in Playstv is for setting the ceiling for those options. (Won't go above 60fps; Won't go above 50KB/s, etc)

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