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PlaysTV won't segment clips for Overwatch.

I've used PlaysTV before, and it had the smart recording feature where it would segment each game into it's own individual file, easy sorting and such, and includes the highlights of every kill/death. It was nice... For a while.

Now when I'm using PlaysTV, it starts recording the moment I launch the game, and stops the moment I close it, resulting in one giant file of all the games I play, including the queue times and menu waiting times.

Any idea on how to fix this and have Plays segment each game? I've already done a "Scan and Fix" on Overwatch itself and re-installed PlaysTV. Much thanks.

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Typically when this happens, it's because Playstv isn't detecting it as Overwatch anymore, and just recording based on the exe meeting certain prerequisites. Have you tried reinstalling Overwatch, or even using the Blizzard Repair tool on it?

It's happening to me too and i have tried scan and repair but doesnt work still

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