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When I launch Dead by Daylight with the game runs extremely choppy. This exact issue was replicated on my friend's computer.

Only solution is to keep restarting and DbD until they work nicely together. Leaving plays off while playing DbD fixes it entirely. Any suggestions?


I assume you mean the game itself is running poorly? Not just the video playback when it recorded?

Do you and your friend have similar hardware specs?

I'd recommend sending in client logs in a ticket if you haven't done so already: LINK

Sorry I was pretty vague.

Yes the game runs like a slide show when I launch it with the plays client. The video shows it as well. Not running plays or blacklisting DbD from being recorded fixes it entirely. Restarting plays and DbD can fix it as well, but it takes 1-3 tries. I'll sent the logs right now.

My friend and I both have the same nvidia card (GTX 960), but he has an intel cpu and I have an amd if that helps.

Thanks for making that. So in regards to the game not running well, I'm not 100% sure. Although with your logs (and a few others) found that essentially the same problem that others are having with Rust, is probably affecting Dead by Daylight as well. I'm seeing 2 instances of exes; one we detect, and the other we do not. It's possible that the client is somehow getting around Easy Anti-cheat and just hooking in via software encoding. However, whatever it is doing is possibly causing that lag.

We're in contact with Easy Anti-cheat though and hopefully will get a solution from them.

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