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Records every other game but Rust records every other game I try but when I play rust it won't record this happened a few days ago it was working perfectly then it just stopped working. I think it has something to do with the EAC update on rust but I do not know.

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Yes; we're going to look into this. I appreciate you letting us know.

I have the same problem. 

Message of rust is: "Disconnected: EAC: Authentification timed out (1/2)"

It's due to Easy Anti-cheat preventing us from hooking into the necessary DLL files. We're in contact with them and hoping to work out a solution.

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Okay, Thank you for letting us know and keeping us updated.

Any news about Rust Problem ? ;(


No news yet. Only that we now know why Easy Anti-cheat removed us from the whitelist. So we just have to investigate how to correct it.

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Thanks for keeping us updated Verun, I've missed so many plays being recorded! Don't wanna have to switch software so I'm waiting patiently for a fix. :(. @Verun

Any news yet? 

Nothing since last week. Still working with EAC, but because it's affecting more than just Rust we are having to test potential fixes for multiple games.

This is taking so long to fix :(

We actually should have a fix this week. We're just waiting on a final check-in with EAC, and probably a quick sanity check ourselves. For anyone that has made a support ticket about this, we'll reach out to you once we know the fix is in place.

oh my days, if this is true, much love, and i'm sure many lurkers are readin this too hoping for a fix <3

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