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I have never been so appalled by your customer service. I have put in a ticket nearly 2 weeks ago and still has not been resolved. The support person i got assigned has not responded to my ticket for 8 days now. I have tried contacting you guys on facebook and have not had any success there either. I have had this problem for almost a year now and still has not been resolved, and clearly your team cant be bothered to help. All i need is for my client to work as i have been stuck without it working. Not very impressed at all and that it has come to me coming here for assistance...

Ticket Reference ID: 62504

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Your issue is regarding a particular problem that we either have a simple solution for (which we provided the instructions to fix it in the ticket) or we don't have a solution at all yet. We're still looking heavily into it, but nothing regarding the bug makes it easy to solve. (See my ticket response for more information).

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