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Using Voicemeeter Banana and not being able to record discord voice chat

Currently using Voicemeeter banana for my audio stuff but won't record any audio from discord voice chat. It's able to record my microphone and game sounds but thats it. 

I do have "record all audio" checked and using default microphone for my input source. I have my Voicemeeter VAIO as the default device for playback. heres a picture of my voicemeeter settings 

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In your Dxdiag (or audio playback devices in Windows), how many devices are there and what are their names? More than likely what is happening is Voicemeter Banana is separating Game Audio from Chat Audio into different devices. 

Any news about the voicemeeter problem?
Having the same issue: isnt recording the virtual audio cable from vb-audio.
If using the standard device pt is recording only the game sound  (which is voicemeter VAIO in my case) but ignores all other devices. Seems pt use the palyback devices and not the recording devices.


Not really. 

We would need to see client logs and dxdiag to get more information about this type of issue. If you're willing to send them in, we'd appreciate it.

How to Send in Client Logs

 Sorry about the late answer, Happy New Year to all.

Informatioen were sent

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