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Overwatch not recording properly


I have been using for about a month now and I have been very happy with it. However, I have recently noticed that when I'm recording Overwatch, it will record all my games as 1 clip and I haven't had this issue before.

Today I noticed that I had a session from today with 1 clip which was an hour long, so I restarted my game to see if that might work. I start up the game and get the message in the top right of my screen to tell me that is recording. However, I now have another session which has a 1 and a half hour recording. I also don't seem to have any bookmarks for eliminations, multikills, etc.

I happened to find quite an old post on this, but the solution seems to have been deleted.

Any help is much appreciated,


As of last week, there was an update that disabled the Overwatch Deep Integration due to an issue. We're looking into it. Right now, it should be able to record, but will be treated like a Non-Integrated game.

Thank you for the reply :) I'm very happy to see that it still records, I suppose it's just a slight inconvenience that the integration is currently disabled. Thanks for looking into the issue, I will be sure to look out for a fix when it's available :)



Will automatically update itself when this bug is fixed? I'm still new to the app and I don't see any Update button anywhere.


Is there any news regarding Overwatch integration?


I'm still waiting for this to get fixed too. :( it really helps me review vods

Overwatch Integration was disabled due to too many reports of issues. We disabled it to ensure that everyone could still enjoy the game. We're unsure when this function would return.

It worked great for me. What about a checkbox (off by default) that enables it while it's getting fixed. It's really the only reason i used plays over relive
Or actually even a hot key (when in auto mode) signify the start of a new game.

If Overwatch integration is not available, please update the download page to reflect that. Honestly I would have been perfectly happy with Plays.Tv if this feature had never been mentioned, but after seeing it advertised I'm quite disappointed that it's not there.

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