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low bitrate

my settings are 1080p 60fps and 50MB/s bitrate

but when i watch my videos it seems choppy and bad quality, then i check my bitrate on video and it's about 15-16MB/s 

why doesn't it record in 50MB/s?

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When you say it's choppy, are you talking about the framerate being choppy, or are you talking about the blocky-look on lower bitrate videos?

Also, are you noticing this quality before or after uploading?

Also, to help answer a question of why it's not 50Mb/s, we use variable framerate to help reduce file size. Thus it can record up to 50Mb/s, but only when it needs to. However, there could be other factors in place to have the large gap you're seeing.

for example when i record with shadowplay 1080p 60fps 50mb/s i have something like this:


and when i have same settings in plays tv, in properties of video file it will be like this:


so it doesn't look as smooth as shadowplay videos
it feels like 50-55 fps maybe

i know that the bitrate is variable but why it drops so hard, i don't really need to save a lot of space by reducing bitrate

so where is difference between choosing 15mb/s and 50mb/s in settings if it doesn't work 

Shadowplay has different settings, different compression, etc so I can't really comment too much on their videos.

However, it seems like you're talking about the framerate being slightly lower. The bitrate being lower could be based on several factors, mostly including what is happening in the video. 

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