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Video title lengths and editing them.


I just uploaded a video with a long title and when I viewed it on the website the only visible part was what was showing beneath the width of the video area. The remaining text didn't wrap around underneath itself so it looked unfinished. The length of the title also meant the edit button wasn't visible (it would be good to have one in the list of video options). I had to redo the video and upload again with a shorter title, edit the title then I had to put my hashtags in a comment.

While editing the title I noticed the maximum number of characters is around 1000, but that seems pointless if anything too long isn't visible.

Is this a common problem or am I missing something?

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It's a known issue that we're aware of. It doesn't get reported too often because most users typically have shorter titles anyways. However, it is something we intend on correcting when we have time to work on it. I apologize it's causing you issues.

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