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Call of Duty WW2 Stuttering even with good FPS



I currently try to recor my games but for some reason it is stuttering and it looks like 20 FPS.

Current PlaysTV settings : 720p 60FPS 20mb bandwith

I have 100-180 FPS in WW2 depending on location on the map but i ALWAYS have 100FPS atleast.

everything is set to low in WW2

When i try to record lol for example theres no stuttering

My RIG :



We should definitely take a look at the both the full specs of your machine, as well as what the client logs are indicating. 

When you have a chance, can you create a support ticket with logs attached?

Here is the instructions on how to best do that: LINK

Thank you!

what do you exactly mean with Logs?


I have a GTX 1070 i dont know why i didnt add that in the first post
i have sent a support ticket just now.
couldnt attach the logs for some reason so im doing it here.

Tried 720p with 60 FPS and different bandwiths from 20 up to 50 didnt help either. it just stutters all the time.

You can clearly see the stutters in this clip :
This is with 720p 60fps 50mb bandwith


Here is a video of someone who literally has a worse PC Rig than me (i5-6500 8GB RAM 1060) :

and his is clean without any stuttering

(352 KB)

 It got alot cleaner.

is there anything i can do other than that?

is it possible to remove the sound from my Music and the voice of my friend while im recording

Hi Daarzy, 

Not sure what you're referring to when you say it got "a lot cleaner". What actions did you take?

Additionally, it is not possible to remove the sound from your music or VoIP software unless the audio was being played through another audio source. I've heard cases of Virtual Audio working, but there have been also problems reported using it.

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