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Why can't detect LoL PH when playing Poro King?

as the title implies...
I can't seem to get to record when playing Legend of the Poro King Mode, or even work at the howling abyss map.
But when I'm playing at summoners rift its fine.

screenshots: (in custom game @ howling abyss) (practice tool @ summoner's rift) (playing poro king)

Did a do something wrong on my part?
if so, can you kindly help me? 
Thank you so much..

It sounds like it's not detecting correctly. 

If you play a regular ranked game, does it detect/record?

it isn't recording also.

Unfortunately, if it's the Garena League of Legends for Philippines, we may not have an accurate detection for it currently. 

Would you be able to try creating a support ticket after recreating the issue where it's not recording?

Here is how to send in a support ticket with logs attached: LINK

Same thing for Singapore server as well. For some odd reasons doesn't record any league of legend games for me anymore. App itself doesn't even detect the game.

game directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Garena\Garena\games\32771

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