Start a new topic doesnt detect FortniteBR. any solution?

I want to record stuff on Fortnite BR but its not detecting the game, so i cant record there. is there any solution?

I apologize for any potential confusion, but do you mean "Fortnite: Battle Royale" or do you mean a Brazilian version of Fortnite?

Even with Fortnite: Battle Royale, we're unable to get a proper detection based on how the game has it's game files. Right now, users are relying on auto-detection to record it.

@verun i have this problem aswell on the new beta client. b4 that 0 problems

Hi Hauress,

Looking at the ticket you sent in regarding the Fortnite recording issue, it appears to be closed. Looking at the next feedback ticket you sent it seems you have already uninstalled it. Unfortunately, if you've uninstalled it we can't do any further digging into the issue. If you're interested in providing user logs you would have to reinstall the Beta App, recreate the problem and then send in a support ticket with logs attached. 

I did figure out how to make it record. the reason I uninstalled has nothing to do with this. the only good things about it was that you can delete multiple things at once now and that you now can add clips together. but still lacking so manny basic vid editting tools that those 2 arent worth all the downgrades compared to the old client.

Hi Hauress,

Mind sharing how you fixed the problem buddy?


I tried to record Fortnite: BR as well and it neither works with automatic recording nor the manual one.
English isn't my mother tongue so I couldn't get much information of your conversation.
So is there any way now how I can make Plays record my Fortnite gameplay or not?

seria de gran ayuda compartir como solucionó el problema

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