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Encoder selection and multiple codec choices

Hi, has huge appeal to amateur video makers, since it's so easy to use and allows you to find your "plays" easier by just looking at the timeline of a video and at the pins. However, it does not have a huge appeal to professional video makers. Why? Because you don't have many options. At the very least, the ability to choose an encoder or select what codec you want to use (Similar to Dxtory) would be fantastic. Dxtory automatically detects new codecs which people have installed on their PCs and allows you to use them. You can install Logarith lossless or even the improvement of the h.264 codec - the new h.265. Currently, the only way to increase the quality is to increase the bitrate, but that's quite bad, since unless you're recording on an SSD, at some point you might introduce choppiness into the video. Personally, I can't record at more than 30 Mb/s on my HDD without introducing choppiness to the video, but can easily record at the maximum 50 Mb/s on my SSD. Could it be a bad hard drive? Not really, since the same thing works just fine with even 50 Mb/s on the HDD in other software. This must be Plays.TV specific, but that's besides the point. Can we have a little more flexibility? I'm really not happy with the quality of the clips and would very much like to use he codecs I install. Furthermore, codecs can be configured separately from the client which records videos. In the case of Dxtory, when you want to configure a codec, it opens that codec's built-in settings, so the developers of Dxtory didn't have to implement their own settings window. Thanks
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