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Recording - Mic not syncing


 When recording on Plays.Tv all recorded sound on the computer side is synced up correctly with the video. However the mic is not syncing with the video. I know that you guys have multiple forum posts open about it mainly because I've been researching how to fix this.

The only solution I found to this was to record on the SSD my computer runs on. When I save to my secondary drive, the mic does not sync with the video. The reason I do not want to record on my SSD is simply because I do not have the space to do this.

You guys must have a different solution to this. I really want to stay with Plays.Tv but if this continues I really cant stick with you guys. Please reply as soon as possible.

Can you let us know what microphone you're using?

Hey there, I had a similar issue where my Mic and game sound were not in sync where it was like 4 seconds delayed. Support had told me to change the games priority in task manager to high priority and it's worked since then. Idk if this might work for your situation, maybe Verun has some input on it since i believe he helped me with my issue

Kind of falls into a couple categories on what could be causing the mic desync:

  • A specific microphone (which might be doing something that delays it for Playstv)
  • 3rd Party Applications that might enhance audio, but that typically causes ALL audio to desync.
  • CPU usage being highly used by other processes. Since CPU processing is used for the audio encoding, if something else is using too much it could cause a potential delay. Increasing/Decreasing the priority can potentially solve this issue, as sonicamp mentioned.

I think the high priority may have fixed it...I will update.


 Verun the high priority has not fixed my problem. My mic is still out of sync. I thought it did the job but after going through a bunch of my footage again it didn't work. I also tried to place it in real time. No success...I really hope that there are other options to this...I like

And again this is just for my microphone...

I am using the Logitech G230 headphones and mic

Pretty sure that is not the issue. This started when I stopped recording on my SSD...

Any other options?

We can still take a look more indepth for you. I noticed you made a ticket around the same time you made this forum post. We had requested log files but you didn't reply; perhaps you didn't receive it? Either way,  if we could get your log files it might help us determine what could be causing the issue.

How can I get my log files to you?
Any form of instruction will do :D


Here you go:

Feel free and post back here to let me know once you've sent it.

I sent it!


Has there been a fix? I got an email after sending the log files. But no replies from anyone....


I apologize for the delay and have replied back to your ticket.

No, there has not been a fix. My response in the ticket goes into that detail. The short version is that issues like this may have similar symptoms, but different causes; so there can't be a universal fix.

I have the same problem with all of my games.

I have high end gameing pc and have the kraken pro headset from razer. 

@bhemdo - 

You may want to try seeing if there is a background running process called "KrakenHelper". It might not exactly be like that since it depends on specifically which headset you're using. Try disabling it and see if it helps with the audio desync.

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