Start a new topic wont record my league of legends games unless i am in spectate mode

my PC is EASILY good for requirements and ive tried everything in the settings on it used to work but one day my internet went out and after that it has not worked sense. 

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It's possible Playstv may not be detecting your League of Legends installation properly. Have you tried reinstalling League of Legends at all?

yeah I reinstalled league and a few times

If it didn't work after a League of Legends reinstall, then we should probably take a look. If you tried playing a League of Legends match recently, can you then send in your client logs to us through a support ticket? Here is how to do that: LINK

I exactly have the same problem and sent a ticket. I made few changes on leagues place to put it on my HDD instead of my SSD, wanted to do the same with but didn't seem to work and I've been said that it wasn't possible to chose where I put it. By the way, works for fortnite and league of legends PBE but actually only doesn't work for League of legends. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it's still the same problem. Can't wait to have help.

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