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Recovering videos

I deleted a video but Then decited that i needed it again and went to the recycle bin and restored it but when i went in plays tv it wasnt there so i looked in the folder and it was there. What has happened?

Did you restart after restoring the video? It would have to rescan the video folder in order to see it.

no i didn't restart plays tv after restoring it but now i have done that and it is still not there. if i try open the file with a other film program it says that the files i incomplete or damaged 

Do you know if it was fine before deleting it? When videos are deleted they should still be able to maintain the ability to playback. The only thing that could be lost is metadata (like what game it is)

It was fine before i deleted it and i have tried moving it to a diffent game folder and back, but my pc has made some of the folders so that the open with a media player and is not just a normal file. If that might be a problem, can you help me getting Them back to normal.

Without knowing exactly what happened, it's hard to figure out whether they are recoverable or not. It's not acting the normal method that it should be, as it somehow became corrupted. Unfortunately, I don't know methods to recover corrupted video files.

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