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Unable To Login

Had an update around the start of the year, if not slightly before. Since then I was automatically logged out and unable to log back in. Everytime I click login or register it tells me to check my internet connection, BUT it still shows me new clips. I have checked and disabled/re-enabled antivirus and firewall to no avail.

I submitted a support ticket 19 days ago and it still says processing, I tweeted @PlaysTV and received no reply and have even sent them a DM on Twitter and 0 response. They could at least show some sort of acknowledgement but it just feels like they're not bothering to assist.

Anyone here experienced this problem and/or know what the issue could be? I used to love using PlaysTV but with this issue and the lack of care from support I'm tempted to just not bother with it anymore :/



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We apologize that your issue was seemingly ignored; that was not the intent. However, I have found your support ticket and replied to you there needing more information. Hopefully we'll be able to figure this out for you.

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