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My doesn`t recording.

I'll start playing a game, such as CSGO, and it will notify me on the top left that PlaysTV is recording. Throughout the game I can even use the highlight function (ctrl+f2) since it's set to automatic, and it'll say the bookmark has been saved. However, after the match the PlaysTV client will pop up, but no recordings will be there or in the designated video recording directory folder. I have all my accounts connected and I've tried re-installing PlaysTV and restarting my computer multiple times, but nothing has changed. I've also tested other games such as LoL , but I end up with the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

It's possible that the recordings could be getting corrupted, or something is preventing it from finalizing. I'd recommend sending in a support ticket with logs attached so we can investigate and see why it's not creating the video.

Here is the link on how to do that: LINK

I had the same problem after doing a system recovery (without removing my game files), my computer could not detect games were being installed and so when I went to the advanced settings on, I could not find the games on my game list, I had to uninstall the games and then install them back so that my pc and could detect games were being installed. And then asks to link the accounts.

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