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How to stop things Recording (not a noob question)

Hi All,

I have a problem that plays tv likes to record my video when i'm slicing a 3d model in simplify 3d.

When i run simplify 3d main program its fine & doesn't record,But when i slice the model to prepare it for print,plays starts recording the slicing screen,I "think" this may be due to the slicer using 3d rendering hence plays picks it up & records.

Before anyone says it........

i've been into my setting & simplify 3d was NOT detected games list,So i tried adding it & then blacklisting it.

But it still record's every time i slice a model in simplify 3d.

Anyone got any ideas how i can disable this?(other than setting plays tv in manual record mode as i kinda like the auto feature.

Thanks in advance for any help offered

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I'm wondering if when Simplify 3D is slicing a 3D model, if it's opening another separate exe to do that. Other than that, I'm not really sure. You could try recreating the issue and then sending in client logs; that way I can see if there is another exe that is appearing.

How to Send in Client Logs

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