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Selecting all bookmarks and merging them into one video

on the original playstv you can select all boomarks at once and upload them as one video, can you do that on the beta

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No, but it's because the bookmark/clip relation is different.

In the previous client, all bookmarks had a clip length based on how much you set in the Preferences. (I forget the exact amount for auto bookmarks). So it was easy to just grab all the bookmarks and upload.

Currently in the Beta App, the bookmarks do NOT have a clip length automatically assigned to them. Instead, you set the clip individually.

With that being said, we're open to feedback so feel free and let us know if you think anything should be changed.

 I'm actually have a really hard time understanding the reasoning for this change. Currently in the Beta, it takes a painstakingly long time to highlight a game. Not only do you have to manually select each bookmark, then manually add a clip to each bookmark, but on top of that every time you add a clip the client zooms in on the timeline (about 90%). This means you have to either

a.) attempt to move the slider slow enough to not pass clips  (which is EXTREMELY aggravating to do by the way) or

b.) manually zoom out of the timeline AFTER ADDING A CLIP EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I beg of you to return that feature or implement a better one: allow users to ctrl + left click to highlight every bookmark they want. Then, once all of your chosen bookmarks are highlighted. hit 'Add Clip' to add a default length clip to every bookmark selected.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely make sure the Product team hears about it.

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