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NO smart record overwatch anymore ?

NO smart record overwatch anymore?


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I am having the same issue. It reports 0/0/0 in KDA, no individual game splitting, and no highlights.

Is it just me or is it broken?

Overwatch Integration was disabled due to several issues we were running across with it. We disabled it until we can find a better method to track Overwatch statistics. We apologize for the inconvenience.

That is very unfortunate. I came back to overwatch from a break, and I am missing this feature a lot.

 Any updates on this?

No. Unfortunately it's too difficult to continue to try and support so we have dropped this feature and (until further notice) have no plans for it in the future. Once again we apologize since we know lots of our users liked it. We also really enjoyed it, but it was simply too much to continue support.