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CS GO - don't record faceit matches.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with plays tv app. You can look at my profile. When I am playing on bots, or some dm's, or i am in menu my record! But when I am playing faceit matche's it's not recording (or recording? idk), but when I exit the game after faceit match my plays tv pop up, but there is only 1 wideo, all black with 00:00/00:00 sec recorded, or in other case there is nothing im my videos. Anyone v got the same problem?

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For this type of issue, we'd have to look at logs since it seems like something is stopping or interfering with the encoding process. We'll take a look at the tickets you sent in and help you out there. For others with the same issue, please know that this is a specific type of issue that usually needs us to look at the individual user case, and isn't usually solved by a general fix or step that works for everyone.

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