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Linking shadowplay with client


I recently started using shadowplay and I cannot seem to get my shadowplay videos into the client for it to upload. Even when I select the shadowplay map, it doesn't load it in, I had no trouble with this earlyer when I used OBS to record gameplay? Is this still possible?

It does not. My shadowplay and client save in the exact same folder but the client only shows the ones recorded by plays itself Dragging it into the window does not add the video either like it used to do

There is probably a good chance that it doesn't work anymore. We don't usually test Shadowplay videos anymore to see if they're working with because we are more focused on getting our own videos working well with the client, upload process, etc. Not really sure if it was a change on our end, or Shadowplay's end that could have made it not work currently. I'll let our team know, but I really don't have any type of ETA on when/if this issue will be resolved. I appreciate you letting me know, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Not a problem, thanks for responding! PS: it should be a change on your end as i just downloaded the legacy client and it still works with that one. That means I can just use that client for my shadowplay videos in the meantime.

There might be issues with it. Does it work if you instead place the video recording location to the same spot that Shadowplay records?

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