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Session Video Viewer opening after game closes

Whenever a game closes, the session video viewer opens up no matter what. This is a feature that was intended, and it's nice when I'm about to stop playing for the day and want to go back to rewatch highlights from my last gaming session. However, I have a rather low-end PC, so whenever the client opens up it causes a great deal of stress on my computer and I have to wait for the program to start responding, (as it often locks up and doesn't respond), in order to close it if I'm trying to just restart the game I was playing or switch games. I understand this is a niche issue, but is there any way to stop the client from auto-opening after closing a game? It works perfectly fine if i have Plays.TV running/recording during gameplay, but the client's auto-opening has caused me more headaches than the convenience it is supposed to provide.
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