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FortniteBR just doesn't record FortniteBR anymore. When I first installed it, it worked like a charm. Then after a few updates on the client, it just refuses to record FortniteBR and now I can't get it to work no matter what I do. I've submitted a ticket and try getting help from support, but still to no avail. I love and I thought sincerely thought the beta client would've fixed all the issues of the old client but it seems there are still kinks to be worked out.

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Yeah I have the same issue. I like the design and functionality of Plays but it just doesn't work most of the time. Guess I have to go back to OBS for now

I have the same issue.... It worked great with Fortnite up until I updated it a few days ago. Is there a work around or is dev working to re-identify with Fortnite?

It's actually not a Fortnite specific issue, but Fortnite just so happens to get hit with it frequently. However, we believe we have a fix for it coming very soon.


Actually it was fixed a while ago. Are you having a problem with Fortnite recording?

Have you made a ticket regarding this?

Really? in the beta client?

Yeah. I don't believe we are having any problems with Fortnite that are wide-spread.

Yea but I still do, I already made a ticket, ill let u know when I fix it.


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