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Trying To use Macros for my hotkeys

So i Have a macro Shift + 1 On my M1 button on my keyboard, basically an extra row that you can set to different assignments. I was trying to set my mute audio on Ctrl+Shift+1  But it just bugs out and won't allow it to be saved. Once it bugs out I cannot edit it anymore and whatever game i play my Left Mouse Button is what controls the Mute/Unmute I assume from the last thing it registered before i set the macro hotkey because you have to click it to change it. Maybe its a bug but it doesn't happen in any other applications and its kind of  a bummer because that is what my mind is trained to press. Also one more thing to throw in when you compare the picture to the story the order I am pressing the keys is CTRL + Shift + 1 and in the client it shows up as Shift + CTRL + 1. The second picture is after i restart the client.


If anyone knows why this happens or a way to fix it otherwise please update the client with a fix thank you.

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Hey there,

I wasn't able to fully reproduce the problem. I was actually able to bind my Mute Audio to Ctrl+Shift+1 without issues. Since it sounds like the problem is happening before even trying to do it in a game, I'm not 100% sure if it has to do with the macro on your keyboard or not. 

Although if your M1 button on your keyboard is set to Shift+1, why set the Mute Audio bind to Ctrl+Shift+1?

Or are you trying to make it so you hit Ctrl+M1 to effectively replicate Ctrl+Shift+1?

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