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Custom integrations


Is it possible or currently planned to create custom game integrations to automark moments on the timeline ?

Thanks !

Ooh, that's a fairly loaded question. It's not really possible at this moment (at least for Playstv). Right now we rely on the Game's API to provide information and trigger when certain events are happening. While I absolutely agree that it would be awesome to have the capability to trigger highlights/pins for custom moments, it would be very difficult to tells Plays what to look for. 

Very awesome idea, but we're not there yet. :-)

Because I'd really like Fortnite kills/down/death highlights. That could make a killer!

There are several ways to interact with Fortnite (,,

I don't know which languages you use or if I can help, but that could be awesome!

Ah okay; the topic shifts a little differently now. So for SPECIFIC games, there is potential. It mainly depends on the API of the game. Looking at some of the information regarding Fortnite, it definitely seems like it has statistics down:

  • KDA
  • Items
  • Win/Lose Ratio
  • Etc

However, I didn't see much on live statistics with timestamps. It may have it, but I didn't see anything in my quick searches. API like that is necessary for highlights/pins for in-game events. However, getting statistics on videos for that match is easier. I'll make sure to let our team know your interest in having this type of content though!

Shadowplay already have this feature. you can see int in action in this example video

Ah okay, in that case there probably is some kind of integration that is possible for Fortnite. Although whether they are using the Fortnite API is a different story. Either way, any changes whether use of API or not would still require a fair amount of work to implement. As mentioned, I'll let our team know that it is something you'd like to see!

Thank you very much! That's all for me :) Let me know

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