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Cannot record, can't find games to record with, logging in issue

I just started using for today and everytime i exit the app i always have to do the same thing, logging in isn't there like a "remember me" or something.. weird but aside from that my main problem is that i cannot find 'Preferences' to choose a game to record with (I don't know if i should look it up on settings but i cannot find it on others; like audio, advanced, etc.)

and even i had these

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Hi there,

For the issue surrounding your ability to have Plays remember you, you will have to go into the Settings after you log into the app. In the Settings, go to "Client" and it should be one of the only choices there:

For the issue about not being able to choose a game to record, the Plays Beta App doesn't have the functionality for a Blacklist/Whitelist yet. However, it should be able to record most games. If you're not able to record a certain game, let us know what it is and we can also help investigate why it may not be recording.

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