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Not liking it.

I am not liking this new version of PlaysTV. You cant pause a video, fast forward, or rewind when viewing videos. If I need to run to the restroom, I have to start the video over from the beginning; if I saw something, I wanted a closer look at, I have to start the video over from the beginning; If its a lengthy video and I want to skip over some dead time in the video, I cannot.

Hi Akheron,

Perhaps I'm not fully understanding, but you should be able to navigate through a video.

You can click on the timeline, or even use the arrow keys to jump forward and back 5 seconds:

Pausing and Playing the video can be done either by pressing the Play/Pause button in the bottom left of the Editing Screen, or by hitting Space:

However, if you're unable to do any of the above, please let me know.

I logged in for the first time and didn't get any of those options on my videos, nor could I even make it go "full screen". I have to admit today was the first day that I used the new Plays and not the older Plays TV. And I'm also talking about viewing the ones that are uploaded, not what's recorded in my computer. In fact the version I have in my computer of the new Plays doesn't record. I set it up for manually start/stop. I set up the tag a spot in the video so I can find it later, which I really like that option or the idea of it. None of it works. I have to shut it down every time and launch the older version of plays TV. Because the new one, manual recording option at least , doesn't work at all.

For the issue where it's not recording, I'd recommend making a support ticket since that will include logs files for us to investigate why it's not working as intended. 

As for watching videos that are already uploaded, I am able to Fullscreen it, and navigate through the video.

It could be a little easier since it's fairly easy to start/stop the video instead of navigating. 

However, there definitely seems something wrong with your app so I still highly recommend making a support ticket.

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