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Audio and video desync

 I have recently installed and tried a few times, and to my surprise, the video and audio from all the Overwatch clips are desynced.

I've seen on the normal client that it can be fixed using Handbrake, but first of all, i'm using the beta version and secondly, i dont really want to use another software to be able to have some good clips recorded in synchrony. So, i wonder if there is any other solution, if this is an Overwatch problem only or if the devs are working their way to a real solution instead of a band-aid kind of solution.

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There isn't a full-blown investigation into it quite yet, but we are getting more reports of it, so getting as much info as possible it good. I'd recommend creating a support ticket if you have not done so already (Here is the best method to do that: LINK)

Additionally, getting a video that shows the audio desync would be good to determine the severity of it.

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