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What codec, FPS, rate control, scan mode, deinterlacer, and interpolation to encode with if uploading my own edited files?

Sometimes I like to string together a few 30 second clips into a longer clip.  I'm editing them in Shotcut then exporting them, dropping them into my video folder and uploading them.  However something isn't right...  I can tell is re-encoding them before posting them because it looks all messed up on the webpage but look just fine on my PC (and even in the client)

I'm guessing I'm using some format that isn't very compatible and the re-encoding is causing the weird graphics anomalies.  

So what should I be encoding my mp4s with so I have a smooth transition to webpage?  

Actually all videos are re-encoded before posting onto the web, and there typically is some loss in quality due to compression. How much of a quality loss are you seeing?

It's a MASSIVE loss... I mean it looks 4x worse than a regular video I upload that was recorded from the Plays.TV capture software.  If I record something and upload it all through the client there's some loss, I get it, and it's not bad. 

But if I record from Plays.TV, edit in Shotcut, export that as good quality MP4 and upload that through the Plays.TV client... it's really really really bad.  

Here is a clip on YouTube that looks fine:

Here it is uploaded to and it looks terrible:

Shotcut is not exporting the video in a format that Plays properly supports. Youtube has more support for various codecs and video quality types than Playstv has, so thus you aren't seeing the green fragments and stuttering. The main factor here appears to be that Shotcut does not have proper functionality to support Variable Framerate videos, which is the only method that Plays records in, and Playstv can playback at. 

So back to my original question then; what 'format' is supported?  Regardless of which app I'm using; Shotcut, Camtaisia, etc etc ... what settings should I be using to line up with what Plays.TV is expecting?  

H.264 Encoding with Variable Framerate and Bitrate should work.

That helped A LOT!

However the FPS feel very low.  

Yeah, something still definitely seems off. Although I can't really say what might be causing it.

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