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overview menu and deleting videos

 Hey Guys,
I recorded a bunch of videos this year without really organizing them. Now I tried to do my left behind work and BAM ! PROBLEM!
Going through the videos is a huge pain in the ass with the current overview system.
I dont get shown anything except the time, a picture and the name of the game  (The picture sometimes being useless because it is the overwatch title screen, with the same hero for 5 videos in a row). what makes it pretty hard to navigate through the videos
To see if I have set bookmarks or clips I actually have to open the video every single time. If I dont have one I want to delete the video.
 But that doesnt work if you are in the video mode. You have to go back to the overview. That puts you back at the beginning of the list where you have to find your video again by time and picture. so very often by time.
result: pain in the ass
I also can not "lock" or "mark" videos to save them from accidentally deleting.
what makes you sometimes double/tripple check if you have a lot of videos and many of them with nearly the same time and the same picture.

some options that would allow you to better navigate/ give you a better overview would be awesome

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Pretty sure I understand all of your requests. I believe when you mention that you only see the time, picture, and name of the game that those are videos that did not have bookmarks placed while in-game, but were placed manually while editing the video? If those videos had bookmarks placed while playing the game, it should indicate it: 

However, you're correct that manually placed bookmarks and clips while editing the video are NOT shown. Probably because they are considered different entities under the same name:

I also completely understand the issue with the list going back to the top, and I like the idea of a Lock/Mark function to prevent that video from being affected. I'll make sure to add those in our requested features.

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